‘Taste and Flavour’ Virtual Tasting Kit – ‘Taster’ (for 1-2 people)


How does it work?

  1. Purchase your craft chocolate tasting kit,
  2. Book into one of the special “Deep-dive: Taste & Flavour” sessions. You’ll find them within our schedule of our whole range of sessions: HERE
  3. We’ll email you joining instructions for the Zoom session,
  4. Discover, learn, enjoy and share a great moment at home!


Why Join this virtual chocolate tasting?

*This is our advanced tasting course, we would recommend you attend our Welcome to the Revolution Tasting before you join this session*

Chocolate has more varieties of flavour, taste and texture than just about any other foodstuff or drink (including wine) on the planet.

Everyone loves chocolate; from any age, any geography, any interest. So we’ve designed a craft chocolate tasting that has both universal appeal and provides a unique way to both have fun, while also learning about flavour, how to taste and to understand your own palate.

It’s an interactive format, which we can host in-person or remotely over Zoom, Teams, or your preferred platform.

What will I learn?

The tasting and talk will include:

  • Testing whether or not participants are “super tasters”, and what this really means (and doesn’t mean),
  • Showcasing how roasting beans for different times brings out radically different flavours,
  • Exploring how sugar, milk and salt all bring out different flavours and tastes (and why Epicurus was right; everything is ok in moderation, but problematic if we overindulge),
  • Discussing how our basic sense of taste can be (ab)used to make us scoff rather than savour,
  • Suggesting some approaches on how to taste, savour and develop one’s palate in chocolate (and much else).

What does the kit include?

  • You’ll taste ten different craft chocolates, and we use these to explore the science of taste and flavour, and help participants discover more about why, and what, they enjoy (and how this can be healthier for them and their families).
  • The kit also includes some literature to support your experience:
    • Our ‘tasting wave’, to help you start your tasting journey,
    • Information on all the bars and makers.


NOTE: This kit is designed for 1-2 people; if you are a family or larger group we strongly recommend the larger box: HERE


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