• Jan 10

    Veganuary and Chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Health & Eating

    Many people attempting Veganuary each year ask us: “Can I still eat chocolate?” Well, great news – you absolutely can! In fact, most of the chocolate in our library is vegan. Dark craft chocolate, so long as it isn’t a flavoured bar with a non-vegan ingredient, is perfectly fine for Veganuary. Be careful buying dark […]

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  • Jan 11


    By James  ·  Health & Eating

    Sadly, the holiday season is well and truly over.  We are now into the first month of 2020, which is all about making, and trying to stick with, our new year resolutions. Cutting back. Eating healthier. Saving the planet. And Veganuary is an intriguing new twist on this. Agriculture counts for 15-20% of global CO2 […]

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