The Ultimate Drinking Chocolate


What Makes The Ultimate Drinking Chocolate

Cacao originates from the Upper Amazon basin of South America. In the 16th century, the Spanish invaders developed a taste for the delicious frothy beverage that the Mesomericans made from cacao. Over the following 200 years drinking chocolate became sensationally popular amongst the European upper classes with dedicated chocolate drinking clubs and stores emerging in all major capital cities.

In the early 19th century Coenraad Johannes van Houten propelled chocolate even further by working out how to extract cocoa butter from the cocoa bean, making it even easier to make soluble drinking chocolate and paving the way to make solid chocolate bars. As chocolate became more and more popular, it also increasingly became mass produced and industrially processed. More and more substitutions and supplements to the cocoa bean have been included in both chocolate bars and hot chocolate powders.

Fortunately for us, over the past few decades a small band of artisan chocolate pioneers have been taking chocolate back to its basics, trading directly with farmers to source the best beans and create amazing single estate, craft chocolate bars. Some of these artisan makers are now also crafting chocolate specially designed to create drinking chocolate. Using these products, we’ve worked with some of London’s top baristas to develop recipes and techniques to turn this single estate craft chocolate into a drinking chocolate that can takes its place alongside small batch, craft coffee.


30g craft chocolate buttons

50ml boiling water

170ml hot milk



a. Put buttons into a cup (30g).

b. Cover the buttons with boiling hot water

c. Wait for 1 minute until the water has melted the buttons – DO NOT STIR!

d. Pour the water away.


a. Heat all the milk (150 – 170ml) to 60oC – 65oC.

b. Top the melted chocolate buttons with a quarter of the hot milk.

c. Whisk and stir until the chocolate has completely melted into the milk.


a. Pour in the remaining milk.

b. Top with latte art, cream or cinnamon  to taste


– Want your drinking chocolate to go? Use a flask instead of a cup and instead of whisking, just shake it up.

– Looking for a flavoured hot chocolate?  Just whisk in cinnamon or nutmeg.

– To make drinking chocolate “shots”, use only 75ml of milk.




At Cocoa Runners we’ve a simple goal: we want to bring our customers the world’s best chocolate – whether that chocolate is eaten or drunk. We’ve travelled the world meeting new makers and tasting over 5,000 bars. Some bars we liked. Some we didn’t. And a very few we loved. 700 of those bars that we loved are now in chocolate library, and we are now also adding to our library some drinking chocolate that is made by the same makers to the same exacting standards.

When it comes to making a great chocolate bar, the key is to keep things simple – you just need three (or sometimes four) simple ingredients: cocoa butter, cocoa solids, sugar and sometimes a splash of milk. We believe that the same is true of drinking chocolate – making the world’s finest drinking chocolate should use the highest quality ingredients and should be a simple process. we’ve created a simple recipe that requires only three ingredients: milk, single origin chocolate and a splash of hot water to kickstart the process.

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