Cocoa Retreat – Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, Salted Caramel 50%

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The naturally sweet flavours of the Kokoa Kamili, Tanzanian bean are elevated by the addition of caramelised unrefined cane sugar. The extra smoked sea salt is the perfect combination, for a deliciously creamy (and never too sweet) salted caramel bar.


Cocoa Retreat is a one woman operation producing small batch craft chocolate. Oenone Thomas is a chocolate maker with an incredible sense for good flavours, using her expertise to roast to perfection and create wonderful recipes for each variety of cacao bean.

In Oenone’s first career, she trained and worked as a journalist before moving on to become a child and adolescent counsellor. Behind the scenes, she has always had a love for chocolate, initially this was  a hobby for finding new and wonderful chocolate and a joy for eating it. Slowly, she developed the knowhow for producing small batch chocolate and has since been perfecting her craft.


The beans for this bar were sourced from Kokoa Kamili in the Kilombero Valley, Tanzania. Kokoa Kamili has been paying premium prices for wet cocoa since 2015, saving farmers the tasks of fermentation and drying and adding enormous value to their cocoa beans. In the height of harvest season, Kokoa Kamili employs 50 people from their village, and has set up a scholarship fund for local girls to go to the nearby secondary school.

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Cereals containing gluten (traces), peanuts (traces), milk, nuts (traces)
Organic cacao, organic whole milk powder, organic unbleached cane sugar, organic muscovado sugar, organic cacao butter, maldon smoked salt