Fjak – Reindeer Moss & Lingonberry 70% Dark

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Fjak’s Reindeer Moss and Lingonberry bar is very much a homage to the wonderous landscape outside of their factory. Close to Europe’s largest mountain plateau and wild flocks of reindeers, Agur and Siv often take trips into the mountains to forage reindeer moss and lingonberries. Reindeer moss grows in bright light green-grey swathes and adds hints of earthiness to the bar, while the lingonberries grow on low bushes and are bright red with a tart taste.

This 70% dark chocolate is rich with notes of black cherry, citrus & Autumn berries from the Norwegian mountains.


Fjak crafts its small-batch chocolate in the depths of Hardangerfjord in Norway. Agur and Siv started making chocolate in 2015, but it was only in 2017 – after much experimenting and fine-tuning their processes – that they launched to immediate success. They’ve swept the board since then, picking up awards galore with their unique Nordic-inspired flavour combinations and exquisite single-origin dark and milk bars.


The beans in this bar are sourced from Bertil Akesson’s estate in Madagascar. Bertil’s beans are famous throughout the craft chocolate world, having produced countless award-winning bars and winning many awards themselves. They typically lend their bars a fruity flavour profile, and it’s an endless source of enjoyment for us to see all the new ways makers find to bring out their very best.

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3 reviews for Fjak – Reindeer Moss & Lingonberry 70% Dark

  1. Lynne S.

    Well not your average combination, moss is something I tend to associate with damp rocks, but this tastes great. Slightly grainy chocolate, acidic, slightly tart taste but blens with the dark chocolate well.

  2. Rachael T.

    Beautiful and enjoyable bar. Lovely clean snap. Hard with a nice creamy clean melt that releases a sweet fruity berry taste without compromising on allowing the richness of the cocoa beans taste to show through.

  3. Maris O.

    Lingonberries make this chocolate very fruity , delicous

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Energy2339kJ / 559kcal
of which
- saturates24g
of which
- sugars36g

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Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butte, dried lingoberry, reindeer moss