Fresco – 229 Peru, Maranon, Medium Roast, Long Conche 70% Dark

By Fresco Chocolate

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  • Description

    This dark chocolate is crafted from Maranon Peruvian cacao, crafted with a medium roast and long conche.

    While the name ‘229’ might seem a little odd for a chocolate bar, this is how Rob Anderson identifies all his bars. The number 229 refers to the specific recipe and process followed by Rob as he was crafting the bar. In this case, he has used a medium roast level and long conche.

    About the cacao

    In the remote Marañón River Canyon of Peru, rare white beans with rich nutty flavours co-exist with floral-fruity purple beans within the same cacao pods: a combination existing nowhere else in the world. The high Marañón Canyon walls create a unique micro-climate where Theobroma Cacao thrives at over 3,500 feet above sea level, some of the highest altitudes ever reported. Once harvested, this organically grown cacao is transported by foot or by burro from remote farms to a single fermentation-drying facility dedicate to this unique crop. – Fresco

    Tasting Notes

    Inhale the aroma and you can immediately detect light floral nuts amongst a complex deeper nutty flavour. Biting into it, the chocolate is just creamy enough with dark, sweet notes of burnt brown sugar. There is light astringency but foremost it has a creamy mouthfeel.

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Maker description

Fresco are a small batch chocolate maker based in the city of Lynden, Washington. Read more about Fresco Chocolate