Fresco Chocolate

Fresco are a small batch chocolate maker based in the city of Lynden, Washington.

Fresco Chocolate is a Lynden, Washington based chocolate maker started in 2010 by Rob Anderson, a computer scientist from southern California.

Rob has a simple approach to chocolate making: Use the best possible ingredients and change the variables that affect taste one at a time. Most chocolate makers go through a similar process when creating their bars and will then pick their favourite cocoa percentage, roast and conch time for the finished bar.

Fresco’s approach is different. They release each variation so that we can all see what a difference these subtle changes can make and find our own personal favourites.

Fresco use just three ingredients in their bars; cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa butter. Yet their range is extensive and diverse. From the subtle and delicate to the vibrant and intense, we think you’ll be amazed just how much difference changing a single variable can have on the flavour of chocolate.