This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners


Rococo Chocolates is one of the makers most commonly requested by Cocoa Runners customers. We are therefore delighted to welcome this multiple-award winning British classic to our chocolate library. Rococo is one of two makers in our library headed by a woman and our very first British maker with a woman at the helm.

Chantal Coady has been delighting the world with Rococo Chocolates since she first opened in London’s King’s Road in 1983. Over the past 30 years, Chantal has transformed the experience of buying and consuming chocolate into something between art and magic. While continuing as Founder and Creative Director of Rococo, Chantal is also a Founder Member of the Academy of Chocolate and fully engaged in the ethics and global sustainability of cocoa and chocolate at a critical moment in time.

Their new single origin bars are being made by Chocolaterie Morin which uses traditional machinery and several generations of know how. After overwhelming customer interest for more single origin bars other than their Grenada Chocolate Company bars and their own Gru Grococo bar and Rococo are thrilled to have found a producer capable of doing justice to the different terroirs.

In 2002, frustrated by lack of direct contact with the source of our cocoa, and aware of child slavery in Africa, Rococo started to sell Grenada Chocolate Company chocolate bars. The Grenada Chocolate Company’s (started in 1999) mission is to radically change the world of cocoa growing and chocolate making into one where the local farmers and people could be properly rewarded for their hard work.

In 2007, Rococo purchased a small cocoa farm as a joint venture with the Grenada Chocolate Company in order to secure a supply of organic cocoa in an ethical manner, extending far beyond Fairtrade model of chocolate production. This farm, Grococo (a hybrid of Grenada and Rococo), is the ‘home farm’ donates 100% of its harvest of fine flavoured organic Trinitario cocoa beans to the Grenada Chocolate Company. This has enabled a specialist team of 5 cocoa farmers to be employed year round and to look after several farms within the organic cocoa cooperative, which supply beans to the Grenada Chocolate Company.

Never satisfied, Rococo are constantly looking to make further refinements and innovation with regards to fermentation, roasting and conching and are excited to see how small scale chocolate machinery to develops. Rococo hope more tree to bar companies like GCC come into being and continue to revolutionise how beans are sourced.

Rococo In The Chocolate Library