One of only a handful of Eastern European chocolate makers, Lithuania's Naive produce a range of beautiful bars.

As far as we know, Naive was Lithuania’s only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, and despite the name, it’s anything but naive. Instead, the name refers to the simplicity of its ingredients and chocolate making methods.

Naive is a big believer in the Slow Food movement, sourcing natural ingredients from local producers wherever possible. Those ethics extend to the cocoa beans it sources from around the world. On each bar, you’ll find the kind of detail that few chocolate makers are willing to share. Not just bean origin, but genetic variety, conch time and roast level are all shown in a clear, easy to follow format.

Naive’s passion for both quality and sustainability shines through in its beautiful looking chocolate bars. Underneath the simple coloured paper wrappings you’ll find beautiful, glossy slabs of chocolate embossed Naive logo. We love the way Naive blends the traditional with the modern, almost as much as we love its chocolate.