About the Founders

Born in a small town named Susa, not far from the Italian Alps co founder of Puchero, Marco, spent most of his childhood on the ski slopes. After studying for a year in upstate New York he moved to France to begin his finance career.

Still a far reach from the world of chocolate, his profession brought him to London where he met his now wife and co founder of Puchero, Paloma. Together they travelled for a year around south east Asia, where the idea – to become a speciality coffee roaster – began.

Getting introduced to Micheal Gomez Wood, who was running a philanthropy NGO based in Vietnam and Laos, Matteo and Paloma quickly picked up his knowledge from years of working with coffee roasters.

Getting their hands on some Laos coffee, they began their journey to becoming speciality coffee roasters.

About Puchero’s Chocolate Making process

After 3 years of coffee roasting, Marco and Paloma decided to venture into the world of craft chocolate. This transition turned out to be harder than expected – Marco admits the roasting process is much harder than with coffee – to retain the natural fruity, nutty and floral notes requires a very delicate roast.

Roasting was not their only challenge, tempering the chocolate also took a lot of trial and error. Luckily this process taught the team at Puchero the skill of mastering craft chocolate and has allowed them to produce a huge range of delicious chocolate bars which champion the natural flavours of the cacao beans they use.

Puchero In The Chocolate Library

  • Puchero, El Castillero, Nicaragua 70%


  • Puchero, El Zorzal, Dominican Republic with croissant, 48% milk


  • Puchero, Idukki, India Sourdough, 60% dark


  • Puchero, Java Criollo, Indonesia 75%


  • Puchero, Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania, 85%


  • Puchero, Soconusco, Mexico with pine nuts 50%


  • Puchero, Xoco Guatemala, pasiega cow butter, milk 55%