Dandelion Chocolate

Todd Masonis & Cameron Ring, founders of Dandelion chocolate, may come from high-tech silicon valley backgrounds, but their approach to chocolate making is as simple as they come. Their core range of bars all feature exactly the same 70% recipe, with just two ingredients – cocoa beans and cane sugar. The only thing that’s different are the cocoa beans themselves.

By keeping the core recipe the same, Dandelion’s focus in on the subtle differences in flavour between origins. But even individual batches of beans have subtle differences that affect the flavour of the chocolate, which is why you’ll clearly find the batch number on the front of every Dandelion bar.

Todd & Cameron are lifelong chocolate fans, but their journey into artisan chocolate took a detour in 2002 when they co-founded social networking site Plaxo. But their friends knew it was only a matter of time before they started a chocolate factory, and true to form, they opened their workshop in San Francisco’s Mission District in 2010. Their factory & café on Valencia Street is now a popular destination for locals and chocolate lovers from around the world.

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