Fruition Chocolate, a bean to bar and confectionery company, based in the Catskill Mountains of New York, was founded in 2011 by Bryan Graham.

Bryan, from an early age, showed an interest in chocolate and food, crediting his grandmother for his love of baking and pastry, from whom he learned how to pick perfectly ripe ingredients and transform them into pies, tarts and jams. At the age of 16, Bryan properly began his culinary journey into the world of baking and pastry when he became an apprentice at the Bear Cafe in Woodstock, NY. It wasn’t long until Bryan was made Assistant Pastry Chef, then promoted to Pastry Chef at the age of 18. Yet it wasn’t until 5 years later that Bryan discovered his intense feelings towards the history and science of chocolate and confectionery making…

Today, inspiration to Fruition belongs to the Hudson Valley, a region of NY that manifests its plethora of flavours; one really needn’t look any farther to spark their creativity.

Fruition sources its cacao from all around the world, yet Peru would be the origin most associated with the chocolate maker. Bryan and his wife, Dahlia, have travelled Peru visiting cacao-growing regions on many occasions. Dahlia is the founder of the non-profit Corazon de Dahlia in the Andes of Peru, which provides children and families with opportunities for social and academic enrichment.

Fruition was one of the first American bean to bar makers to go against the grain, experimenting beyond the new-wave purity of just two ingredients, that is, solely cacao and sugar. Instead, Fruition introduced unique flavours, methods (like Bourbon-barrel ageing!) and also sought to introduce some of the finest and rarest cacao beans to milk chocolate – its Dark Milk Maranon Canyon bar won the ‘Best in Competition’ milk chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards 2016. Other interesting flavour concepts of Fruition is its Hudson Valley Bourbon Dark Milk and Brown Butter Milk chocolate bars.

Want to visit Fruition in New York?

  • Tasting Room in Shokan
    • 3091 Route 28, Shokan, NY
    • Hours: Sun-Thurs 9-5, Fri-Sat 9-7
  • Craft Chocolate Shop
    • 17 Tinker Street, Woodstock NY
    • Hours: Fri-Sun 11-6, Mon, Wed, Thurs 12-6

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