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Inspired by the ancient Maya Indians and Aztecs, who valued the cocoa bean so much that it was used as currency, Max from Bullion decided to source the finest cocoa beans from across the globe; and produce single origin, craft chocolate from bean to bar.

He is focused on the true value of cacao and is obsessed with extracting the most incredible flavor out of beans from a single origin. Ultimately, Max wants to speak for the growrs and the unique personalities of the beans they’ve produced– using his signature bars to give cocoa the appreciation it deserves.

We spoke with founder, Max and his inspiration behind Bullion.

I’d say the inspiration behind bullion developed from a passion – I suppose like anything else really. But being a trained chef and having this passion, made me want to dig deeper. And over years of research and fine combing the process, I found myself total immersed in the world of chocolate.

As I dug deeper, I found out that the Maya Indians and Aztecs actually used cocoa beans as a form of currency and were valuing the humble cocoa bean more than gold. Referring to it as the food of the gods, I mean these people treasured it – and this really Inspired me to want to restore this sense of value by sourcing and using the highest quality beans in order to make the best possible chocolate.  Taking something so precious and pure and crafting it into something which people can value and enjoy.

I also feel people have lost touch with where cocoa comes from and the amazing journey it takes to become a finished bar. Which got me thinking and made me want to educate people about the origins I work with and the chocolate making process itself.

How do you source your beans?

I want to create a lasting relationship with our growers. So the beans are actually sourced using trusted supply chain partners and cooperatives. My aim with this is to drive maximum value to farmers, and creates meaningful impact for communities at origin. Not only does this ensure I have repeat crops of the best quality beans for my chocolate. But together, we’re building a fairer and more sustainable supply chain, which really is revolutionising our industry.

What inspired your choice of mould / wrapper design?

The word Bullion, meaning a pure bar of a precious substance and something of value – mirrors what I am striving to achieve with chocolate and has translated into the packaging itself. I specialise in single origin. So each of my bars contain beans from just one source.  And in many ways, this sense of value and pure origin has influenced the mould / wrapper design.

Where do you want to go next? New bars? New beans? New markets?

New bean origins are high on my agenda. I find it really exciting that no two origins are quite alike. And as a chocolate maker, I see it as my job to really showcase the beans and connect people to what’s out there.

I’m part of a very small group of northern makers, and I’ve noticed that making chocolate from the bean is a relatively new concept to most in the area. With this in mind, I would love to just get out there and talk to people about the whole process – educating them on the amazing journey from bean-to-bar.

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