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The second Italian maker in our Chocolate Library, Domori was founded in 1997 by Gianluca Franzoni. After studying business he moved from Italy to Venezuela. There he spent three years working hands on, experimenting with cocoa varieties and harvests. His aim was to help preserve biodiversity and prevent the extinction of the already rare Criollo bean.

Now based in None, near Turin Gianluca still plays a huge role int the company, and is at the centre of all Domori’s innovations and new bars. Domori judges its cocoa beans according to its own set of criteria (similar to how a vigneron might judge a grape) these are: aroma, roundness, pureness and persistence.

When Gianluca founded Domori he was striving for both the perfection and preservation of different cocoa beans, which Domori continues to do today. Returning to its Venezuelan roots, in 2002 Domori invested in the Hacienda San José. The Hacienda San José, in the Venezuelan region of Paria, is at the heart of Domori’s production. The plantation is not simply a cocoa farm, it also plays a key role in promoting cacao diversity, researching and planting different varieties of Criollo and looking at the international heritage of cocoa.

At Cocoa Runners, we love Domori’s passion, research and dedication to cacao.

Domori In The Chocolate Library