Based in the heart of Sweden, Metiisto is one of the most recent makers we have welcomed to Cocoa Runners. Its attention to detail sees it carry out each of the chocolate making processes by hand – from sorting the cocoa to hand wrapping each and every chocolate – often taking months from bean to bar. We think its dedication to the process can be tasted in each bar. We were lucky enough to catch up with Trevor Smith – founder of Metiisto, to get a better insight into the company…

  1. What’s Metiisto’s background? Why and how did you get into chocolate?

I worked with car repair and restoration up until about 8 years ago. When I moved to Sweden back in 2003 i found that Sweden really lacks in nice pastry and baked goods and so I started teaching myself about all things to do with French pastry. I became rather obsessed with it all, including chocolate work and in 2009 I decided to open my own little cafe complete with French style pastry.

Whilst on a trip down in Stockholm to visit my coffee roaster I met Alan Mclure of Patric chocolate and was rather impressed that this guy made chocolate himself. I went back and ran my cafe for six months, but came to a realization that my heart really was not in it. After a few months of thinking about my future I decided to give chocolate making a try, so from 2010 I started studying and experimenting with chocolate production.

It was not until late 2012 that I decided I would pursue this as a job, and Metiisto artisan chocolate became my main focus.

  1. What mission has Metiisto set for making crafting chocolate?

My mission as a chocolate maker is just to make the chocolate that I would like to eat. I believe that if I can make myself smile when I eat the chocolate I make created then there will be others out there that will also enjoy it. For me, flavour and texture are my main obsessions when it comes to what qualities I think make a good bar of chocolate.

  1. When did Metiisto start — and with whom?  How many are there of you?

I started selling in 2012 and I was, and still am the only person involved in Metiisto.

  1. Where do you want to go next?  New bars?  New beans?  New markets?

I have slowly been collecting and building more machines that give me greater control of the whole production process. I now use a huge vintage 3 roll refiner, A home made conche (that both dry conches as well as wet conches). I use this equipment along with new tempering and roasting techniques combined with constant studying to know more about everything.

I am working on a new origin of bean at the moment that I hope to release soon. I can’t say for sure what it is just yet but I have narrowed it down to a few great origins.

As far as new markets go, I am always getting interest from all corners of the world but as I am a one man company I have decided to put a cap on production and focus on quality rather than quality, as this is really what is important to me.

  1. How did you source your beans?

By doing a lot of searching the net, contacting various people and tasting many many samples. There are many great origins out there and some truly amazing ones. I wish I could use them all.

  1. What is your favourite food?  Wine?  Other chocolate makers?

I Iove food in general ! I prefer the simple pleasures over fussy foods. A lovely piece of beef, blue cheese or just a wood fired pizza. Fresh veg and good quality wine and beer and I am very happy.  Fussy and over complicated food and drink is just not my cup of tea.

Favourite chocolate would definitely be Patrics, Rouge chocolatier and domori. I feel that these  guys really are a cut above the rest and I look to then every time for inspiration. My goal as a chocolate maker is to reach the high standard people like this have set.

Metiisto In The Chocolate Library

  • Metiisto - Bahia Dark 70%


  • Metiisto - Honduras Dark Milk 60%


  • Metiisto - Madagascar & Nibs 72%


  • Metiisto - Madagascar 72%


  • Metiisto - Madagascar Dark Milk 56%


  • Metiisto - Tanzania Dark 85%


  • Metiisto - Tanzania Dark Milk