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Seaforth Chocolate Co.

Seaforth chocolate is the result of Abraham Seaforth’s two passions: chocolate and sailing.

Based on the Isle of Whight, the South African has combined these two unlikely partners in his nautically wrapped single origin bars.

All of Abe’s cocoa beans are transported on the Tres hombres. This 32-foot schooner sails around the Caribbean, picking up a cargo of cocoa beans, coffee and rum for distribution to various ports.

The traditional sailing ship has no engine. Instead it relies entirely on the power of the wind and the waves to roam the oceans. The Tres Hombres is owned by Dutch enterprise Fairtransport. They are world’s first modern ‘emission free’ shipping company.

Abe’s carbon footprint-free beans aren’t just good for the planet. He works directly with farmers and agent in Grenada and the Dominican Republic to source his beans sustainably and pay a fair price.

Once the single-estate cocoa beans have been safely delivered to his workshop on the Isle of Whight, then Abe can set to work creating his chocolate.

For Abe making chocolate isn’t just about producing something that tastes good. It is a question of the materials’ sustainability and provenance. We always say how all the steps of a cocoa bean’s journey ‘from bean to bar’ are important. With Fairtransport Abe has put focus not only on the farming and the making, but the journey itself.

At the heart of Abe’s philosophy is respectful and mindful ethos. In his own words, ‘Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what we love.” I love sailing and spending time at the sea, but more than that I would like to make a difference and I think that having zero carbon foot print from port to port is a good start.’

And from this ethical starting point Abe crafts his chocolate. He hand selects only the best beans to use in his bars.

After roasting and winnowing them, he grinds the cocoa beans using large stone rollers. The result is a texture that’s not grainy but not silky smooth either. Abe tempers the bars himself and then hand wraps them in his appropriately nautical packaging.

We were lucky enough to get a chance to catch up with Abraham and ask some questions about Seaforth Chocolate’s bean to bar process. You can read the interview on our blog here.

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