This maker is no longer available from Cocoa Runners


The arrival of Amedei to the Cocoa Runners library marks not one, but two firsts for Cocoa Runners.  As well as being the first Italian maker to join the library, Amedei is our first maker in the chocolate library to be headed by a woman.

Tuscan maker Amedei embodies true excellence in the world of chocolate.  After extensive training in France, Belgium and Germany, Cecilia Tessieri returned to Italy to found Amedei, a chocolate maker with a singular focus on quality.  In line with this founding vision, Amedei seeks out the finest beans available from around the world.  It then brings them to Italy where they are transformed into the most delicious bars in the heart of the rolling Tuscan landscape.

Amedei believes that what sets it apart from other Italian makers is its close attention to detail.  Absolutely every stage of the chocolate making process – from fermentation to drying, roasting to conching – is controlled in the most minute detail.

Not only is Amedei celebrated in its native Italy, Cecilia has also steered the Company to its current position of international renown.  Indeed, Amedei has earned the Chocolate Academy of London’s prestigious “Golden Bean” award in the bean to bar category for an amazing five consecutive years.

Amedei In The Chocolate Library