Chocolate Tree

About Chocolate Tree

Founders of Chocolate Tree, Alastair and Friederike Gower, started their chocolate adventure in 2005 by touring music festivals and selling their chocolates from a hand built solar powered geodesic dome tent. However, working with organic couvertures wasn’t enough for them. Alastair and Friederike – being the adventurous types – decided to start making their own chocolate from bean to bar in 2012. This was a time when the craft chocolate movement was just getting started in the UK. Chocolate Tree also run its chocolaterie in Edinburgh, which offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for customers to enjoy a chocolate-rich menu. Alastair and Friederike, alongside serving their bean to bar chocolates and bonbons, serve up ice cream, drinking chocolate, cakes, to name a few. They also guide chocolate tastings, to introduce and share the world of craft, bean to bar chocolate. 

How they became makers…

Alastair’s journey began at Edinburgh University, where he studied mathematics. But, with Friederike’s love for baking, and being a lifelong baker himself, his love of chocolate triumphed!

Friederike (left) and Alastair (right).

Chocolate Tree’s Sourcing

Chocolate Tree produces their delectable bars with organic beans, sourced from sustainable farm cooperatives in South America which aim to improve working conditions for farmers. Both Alastair and Friederike travel frequently to cacao origins, in search of new cacaos but also to strengthen their relationship with the growers and co-operatives. This is something very important to both Alastair and Friederike – meeting the farmers, understanding the biodiversity of where the cacao grows. Chocolate Tree was the first maker to visit Chililique in Piura, Peru. Chocolate Tree has chosen to work with some outstanding premium cacao origins, and are always pioneering new approaches, such as its Whisky Nibs bar – made using heirloom cacao nibs infused with an Islay Single Malt. Chocolate Tree take a very precise, obsessive, and patient approach to chocolate making, all to produce the desired texture and flavour.

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