Jordi’s Chocolate

Jordi's Chocolate is The Czech Republic's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker.

Jordi’s is the Czech Republic’s first – and so far only – bean to bar chocolate maker.

Based in Hradec Králové, 50 miles east of Prague, founders Jiří Stejskal and Lukáš Koudelka started making chocolate in 2012. Today it has an extensive range of hand crafted bars, made from cacao from around the world.

Although it started out making chocolate exclusively from Ecuadorian cacao, Jordi’s now also makes bars from cacao from Madagascar, Vietnam, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Jordi’s range is as eclectic as it is delicious. From milk chocolate made with sheep’s milk to a white chocolate covered in cocoa nibs and their delicious “Rustic” bar, there really is something for everyone in the Jordi’s range.