Original Beans

Original Beans’ motivations are clear from the moment you pick up a bar.

Their motto “One bar: one tree” is proudly printed on the attractive recycled box, which also carries a unique code that you can enter on their website to find out exactly where your chocolate came from.

Founder Philipp Kauffmann is passionate about the rainforest. As a conservationist for the WWF, entrepreneur and chocolate maker, sustainability is central to everything he does.

That passion shines through in Original Beans’ chocolate, which tastes as good as it looks. We particularly love the Beni Wild Harvest bar, sourced from wild-growing cacao trees in north eastern Bolivia.

Original Beans In The Chocolate Library

  • Original Beans - Colombia Arhuaco Businchari 82% Dark Chocolate


  • Original Beans - Cru Udzungwa 70% (Carton of 13)


  • Original Beans - Cusco Chuncho 100% (Carton of 13)


  • Original Beans - Esmeraldas Milk Chocolate Couverture 2kg


  • Original Beans - Femmes de Virunga (Carton of 13)


  • Original Beans - Femmes de Virunga 55%


  • Original Beans - Grand Cru Blend (Carton of 13)


  • Original Beans - Papua Kerafat (Carton of 13)


  • Original Beans - Piura Cocoa Nibs


  • Original Beans - Piura Malingas 2K


  • Original Beans - Piura Malingas Bar


  • Original Beans - Piura Malingas Bar (Carton of 13)