Cacaosuyo is an exciting new chocolate maker from Peru. We first discovered their “Piura Select” bar at Salon du Chocolat in Paris and we immediately fell in love – first with the packaging, then with the extraordinary flavour.

CEO Sam Giha is a Peruvian-American with a background in the textile industry, so it’s no surprise that Cacaosuyo’s brightly coloured packaging is inspired by traditional Peruvian textiles.

Working with COO Eduardo Lanfranco and chocolatier Ivan Murragarra, the company’s mission is simple: to make the best chocolate in Peru.

That’s a lofty ambition, but the Cacaosuyo team have devoted the last two years of their lives to it. Seeking out the very best cacao in Peru and transforming it into the best possible chocolate.


The Genetics Of Flavour

It might seem unlikely, but genetics plays a major part in Cacaosuyo’s chocolates. Each new cacao specimen is brought back to their dedicated lab for analysis. Classify each plant is a major part of discovering rare varieties and preserving flavours that could otherwise be lost to more modern varieties.

With the help of Venezuelan expert Gladys Ramos, they are able to seek out exciting and undiscovered flavours and bring them back to their own plantation.

The Future

The future looks bright for Cacaosuyo. With their own dedicated factory nearing completion and a range of new chocolates and flavours in development, we think they’re already well on their way to completing their mission of producing some of the best chocolate in Peru – and the world.

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