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    Naive Porcini blends  cacao, milk and an unusual addition: porcini mushrooms. The unexpected and suprising flavour combination creates a unique bar with a pleasant taste.

    This Porcini milk is a classic Naive bar so it is no surprise to see it again in Naive’s new collection. Naive Porcini, more that any other bar embodies the new Naive Forager Collection. Head chocolate maker Domatas Uzpalis often goes out and collects the wild porcini mushrooms himself from the Lithuanian countryside.

    Mushrooms are an important ingredient in Lithuanian cuisine. Porcini, as well as other varieties of mushroom grow wild in the dense pine forests of Lithuania. Porcini mushrooms are hard to find, and according to some legends they only sprout at the full moon. It is certainly true that only the best foragers will be lucky enough to find the rare mushroom.

    Tasting Notes

    The creamy bar has sweet truffle-like flavour with just a hint of malt. The earthier, more savoury notes from the porcini are balanced out by the rich milk chocolate. The result is thus not too sweet nor too savoury, with a beautiful balance between the different ingredients. Overall this bar reminded us more than a little of mushrooms on toast.

    But don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at what the attendees at one of our recent Virtual Tastings had to say about it:

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    Weight 57 g

    Bean Origin

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    Lifestyle and Diet

  • Energy2396kJ/570kcal
    of which
    - saturates23.1g
    of which
    - sugars27g
    Cereals containing gluten (traces), peanuts (traces), milk, nuts (traces)
    Cacao, sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, wild porcini mushrooms

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One of only a handful of Eastern European chocolate makers, Lithuania's Naive produce a range of beautiful bars. Read more about Naive

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