Fresco – Guatemala Polochic Valley 70% Dark Roast

By Fresco Chocolate

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Building on a foundation of earthy red fruits and caramel, the dark roast of the beans deepens the experience with hints of blackcurrant and fig.

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    The beans from Guatemala’s Polochic Valley have a natural flavour profile of deep red fruit and caramel. Fresco Chocolate has then made two batches – the only difference being the length of roast. This Dark Roast bar (longer roast) builds on the red berry foundation with earthy hints of blackcurrant and fig. The Light Roast, on the other hand, has notes of strawberries and crackers. See for yourself here.


    Based among the beautiful inlets and mountains between Seattle and Vancouver, Fresco Chocolate aims to apply the scientific method to chocolate making. Rob Anderson, a computer scientist from Southern California, founded the business in 2010 after a series of inspirational visits to the legendary Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in Berkeley. His experiments change one variable at a time: origin, cocoa percentage, roast time, conche time. Many craft makers do the same before picking their favourite combination and sticking with it. But not Rob. Rob is unique in releasing many variations, so you can see for yourself the profound impact such subtle changes can have on the final flavour.


    The beans in this bar were grown in Guatemala’s Polochic Valley, an area of outstanding beauty that has been ransacked in recent years to make way for monocultures of sugar cane and palm oil. Though farmers in the valley have been growing cocoa for many years, their beans were only exported for the first time in 2016. By supporting their agriculture, you can help them hold onto their livelihood in the face of increasingly destructive agribusinesses.

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  • 2 reviews for Fresco – Guatemala Polochic Valley 70% Dark Roast

    • Steven F.

      Steven F.

      September 12, 2020

      Bought this bar to compare with the light roast This is lovely chocolate, clean and fine tasting It'll have you sucking the chocolate trying to place the many flavours There is only a subtle difference between the two - the light roast getting a Silver award but I think that my preference is for the Bronze award Dark roast Nothing in it really

    • Ben S.

      Ben S.

      September 6, 2020

      Very tasty, but I personally prefer the light roast.

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    Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter

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Fresco are a small batch chocolate maker based in the city of Lynden, Washington. Read more about Fresco Chocolate

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