Friis Holm – La Dalia, Lazy Cocoa Growers Blend 100%

By Friis Holm

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An intense 100% dark chocolate made with a blend of beans that unveils beautiful black cherry notes as you taste it.


Mikkel Friis-Holm’s craft chocolate journey started with an ever-growing passion for fine chocolate. This eventually led him to Central America, where he immersed himself in a project that aimed to identify and evaluate DNA strands of Nicaraguan cocoa beans. He then pivoted from sourcing to making, and Friis Holm, the Danish craft chocolate maker, was born. Mikkel is still fascinated with genetics, and ensures he chooses the best varieties with the highest flavour potential.


The ‘Lazy Cocoa Growers Blend’ is anything but. Mikkel Friis Holm has used beans from 10 different growers in the Matagalpa region of Nicaragua. The ‘lazy’ farmer haven’t sorted the beans into different varietals prior to fermentation. With old cacao trees, cross-pollination often means you will have a mix of different pod varietals growing on neighbouring trees and even on the same tree. Sorting these out would be incredibly labour intensive for the farmers, and take up a huge amount of valuable time. Instead the beans are fermented together and Friis Holm has then crafted a bar with all of these together.

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1 review for Friis Holm – La Dalia, Lazy Cocoa Growers Blend 100%

  1. Karen S.

    I think this must be the best 100% bar i have ever tasted. Aside from the 100% cacao they have also added cocoa butter, not sure what Friis Holm do but they have created the smoothest, least bitter , its not bitter at all creamy and tasty 100% bar. I couldnt reccommend it enough

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Maker description

Mikkel Friis Holm is a Danish chocolate maker, known for his smooth chocolate and attention to detail. Read more about Friis Holm

Energy2510kJ / 600kcal
Milk (traces)
Cacao bean, cocoa butter