Lumineux – India Dark 72%

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This complex 72% dark bar is perfect for those who want to experience a taste journey. From sweet to sour to a little bitter, this flavour path is filled with fruit notes and light tropical spices. It is the perfect adventure for a palate that is willing to explore.


When Ben and Becca Snyder stumbled into the world of craft chocolate, it became an instant love. Having spent 20 combined years in the restaurant industry, Ben as a pastry chef and Becca as a cake decorator and baker, creating Lumineux became an opportunity to use their collective skills to create unique flavour combinations in unusual ways. Since 2019, the pair have been opening palates to new flavour profiles, all while using sustainable ingredients associated with the regions their cocoa beans are sourced.


Known as the spice garden of Kerala, the Idukki region of southern India has long had the climate and ecology to grow cocoa. But it wasn’t until 2016, when GoGround started investing in post-harvest processing facilities and farmer education, that fine-flavour cocoa farming really took off. Now husband-and-wife Luca and Ellen, with the support of the Italian RIVA foundation, have built relationships with the smallholder farmers of Udumbannoor, paying them guaranteed weekly payments in exchange for freshly harvested cocoa beans.

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Cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cane sugar