Make your own Easter Egg Kit


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Get together with family and friends and have a go at creating your own craft chocolate easter eggs!

Follow our easy step-by-step guide to crafting your own chocolate Easter Egg.

In this kit, you’ll find:

    • One bag of 200g Mixed (Dark and Milk Cooking Chocolate) from Menakao and Orignal beans
    • One Easter Egg mould
    • Three Taster chocolate bars from Original Beans (inc. milk and dark chocolate) for use in our Virtual Tasting (or as a treat at any time) – sign up to a free tasting here.
    • An instruction leaflet with step by step instructions

This cooking chocolate is made by Menakao and Original beans.

Menakao crafts their chocolate in Madagascar from beans they source from local farmers in the Sambirano Valley, North West of Madagascar.

Original beans produce their chocolate from single estate cacao beans from across the world, including Ecuador and Tanzania. The chocolate is expertly produced in Switzerland where the beans’ flavour profiles are highlighted.

This craft cooking chocolate not only tastes better, but it’s better for you (just cocoa nibs, sugar and milk) and it’s better for the farmers and local economy (indeed it’s estimated to be 4-5x better for the local economy than even Fair Trade).   A fantastic way to learn to craft with chocolate, and learn about Craft Chocolate.

Download Instructions PDFDownload pdf instructions here.

Or watch our instruction video:

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