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This bar combines dark Vietnamese Cacao with creamy grass-fed milk from New Zealand, offering delicious notes of honey and caramel.


Marou are tree to bar chocolate makers in Vietnam. Samuel Maruta (now sadly deceased) and Vincent Mourou, the founders of Marou,  are well known for their passion for ‘terroir’ in cacao. They understand that climate, soil, and water of each province, along with the different cacao varieties and post-harvest practices, contribute to the different flavour profiles of each origin – much like wine.


Here is what Annalisa Barbieri (columnist at The Guardian) said: “The cocoa is from Vietnam and the milk is from grass-fed cows and, I swear, you can tell. God this was so good. My restraint was sorely tested once I’d flicked the foil open. (‘Where’s that yummy milk gone, Mamma?’ my children asked as I slid it under my diary.) With its creamy, almost meaty mouthfeel, you can kid yourself it’s OK, because it’s a dark milk. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Source: Notes on chocolate: Be your own Valentine with these treats

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1 review for Marou – Dark Milk 48%

  1. Ben S.

    Sweet. Very moreish

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When two Frenchmen, Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou met in Vietnam, they discovered a mutual love of the country and a passion for the local cocoa beans. Read more about Marou

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