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This Qantu Morropon uses cacao beans from Morropon, Piura in Peru. Peru is Elfi’s homeland and where she met her life and chocolate partner Maxime. So when the pair decided to start craft chocolate, it was easy to decide where they would start sourcing beans. They paid a visit to Salon du Chocolat in Lima. Here they met a number of different producers and were then able to visit them and see their processes.

Just like Qantu’s Gran Blanco bar, the cacao for this bar comes from Norandino in Piura. This is one of the larger cooperatives in the region with around 700 members. Thanks to its size, level of organisation and heritage, Norandino is able to secure better prices for its remember farmers.

The co-operative has projects in many areas of Piura dedicated to preserving the different strands of white bean. The high level of white cacao beans found in Norandino’s crops means they must therefore be treated a little differently. The cacao beans are harvested from March to June and are then sun-dried. Next is the fermentation, which is a is a little longer; between 4-6 days.

Tasting Notes

Initially the dark bar opens with a green sherbet-like aroma. As the vibrant chocolate melts, lemons and lime burst forth along with some cherries and plums. As with all of Qantu’s bars the chocolate has a wonderful acidity that strikes just the right balance. While this is undeniably a zesty and fruity bar, a gentle spice, similar to green pepper also comes through.

Qantu Morropon won Silver at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017.

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Qantu is a Quebecois chocolate maker making waves on both sides of the Atlantic. Read more about Qantu

Energy2397kJ / 573kcal
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- saturates23g
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- sugars27g

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Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter