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Dark craft chocolate just contains cocoa beans and sugar. There is no milk. And there definitely is no palm oil, vegetable fats or other preservatives that have a ‘use-by’ date. Instead, craft chocolate has a best before date. But often, like red wine, dark chocolate matures with age. So even though these bars are past their best before date, we still think they taste fantastic and they remain in temper. So, we are continuing to sell them. And as an added incentive, we’ve reduced their prices by 10 percent! The same product, for a lower price.


This intense and savoury dark bar has a profile of woodsmoke, with hints of malt and wild honey.


Solomons Gold began life in 2006 as a producer and exporter of fine-flavour cocoa beans. In 2013, Clive Caroll – the founder – teamed up with Glenn Yeatman, who had been conducting some home experiments making chocolate with his wife’s hairdryer and their kitchen blender. They set up their factory in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand (complete with some higher-spec machinery!), and began crafting chocolate using beans from the Solomon Islands. The unique volcanic soil of the Solomon Islands gives bars made from these beans a particular smokey flavour, adored by many craft chocolate lovers and whisky drinkers alike.

This bar was featured in our July 2021 subscription box. You can see what Spencer and Mika had to say about it in this video:

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7 reviews for Solomons Gold – 70% Dark

  1. Jennifer M.

    I was looking for a smokey flavour, which was why i chose this bar. I found that the coconut sap sugar added a flavour that did not compliment but also detracted from the smokiness, which was a pity. The Krak Chocolade Papua New Guinean bar (currently out of stock) is superior and a cleaner taste in my opinion.

  2. Ben S.

    Quite sweet and mellow

  3. Claire H.

    Strong and smokey, turns out it is not for me

  4. Dov S.

    I absolutely love this – it is like eating a chocolate version of an Islay whisky. It won’t be to everyone’s taste – but if you like strong, bold and unique flavours, this is a remarkable find.

  5. Marko P.

    The smokiness hits the spot for me but it’s so heavy that it takes a lot of effort to dissect the tastes.

  6. Joanne R.

    Overwhelming smoke flavour, couldn’t taste anything else!

  7. Matthew W.

    Eating this chocolate I’m by a tropical beach. A turquoise ocean laps at black volcanic sands. White foam gleams in the sun and ripples in the fire’s heat haze. Cacao beans roast slowly beneath the palms. By night, orange embers crackle under the stars.

    This chocolate really is heavy on wood smoke. It reminds me of the Claudio Corallo 75%, but more smokey. Wonderfully rich in flavour with great depth and it comes in a satisfying thick slab of chocolate. Well worth trying.

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Maker description

Crafted in New Zealand, Solomon's Gold exclusively uses cocoa beans from the Solomon Islands. Read more about Solomons Gold

Energy2418kJ / 578kcal
of which
- saturates24.9g
of which
- sugars29.5g

No allergens listed.

70% cacao 30%organic cane sugar