Standout Chocolate – Sugar Kelp & Sea Salt Dark 66%

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This well-rounded bar features sugar kelp, an umami-packed seaweed which grows naturally in the oceans around the world. The combination of the kelp, beans from the Dominican Republic and sea salt brings out hints of rose hip, green tea and a fresh sea breeze.


Standout Chocolate launched onto the craft chocolate scene as a one-man-band in 2018. Fredrik Martinsson, Standout’s founder, has a background in engineering and specialty coffee, and he uses that experience and skillset to craft his award-winning chocolate in Kållered, Sweden. He sources his cocoa beans directly from co-operatives and farmers all over the world, aiming to create “a better world, through social, environmental and economic sustainability for the farmers.”


The beans for this bar are sourced from Öko Caribe, a prominent cocoa supplier in the Dominican Republic and one of the most popular in the world. The two owners, Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon, maintain close relationships with their farmers, often giving out loans for family emergencies and community needs. They also educate their farmers about sustainable land management and environmental responsibility, and pay consistent premiums for the farmers’ award-winning cocoa.

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