Tobago Estate Chocolate – Sea Salt, Buccoo Reef, Milk 45%


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A creamy, smooth 45% milk chocolate which is lightly salted with sea salt sourced from Tobago’s most famous reef. Made by Francois Pralus, the saltiness of this bar perfectly cuts through the caramel flavours of the milk chocolate, which also has the characteristic hints of blackberries and strawberries found in Trinitarian cocoa.


Having grown up on the island of Tobago where his family had a small cocoa estate, Duane Dove always aspired to extend his family’s enterprise one step further and make his own chocolate from the cocoa beans he helped grow. Duane got the idea of establishing his own cocoa estate in 2003 and consequentially returned to Tobago to find the land he would need. But the process of producing a chocolate bar from the beans he found – what he endearingly calls getting from ‘bean to belly’ – was harder than expected. Waging a war on a bamboo forest, Duane led an army of ‘cocoa soldiers’ to transform the land into a three star cocoa estate. Staggeringly, it then took 5 years, 150 people, 1600 days and 56000 hours to make his very first chocolate bar.


All the beans used for Tobago’s bars are sourced from Duane’s own cocoa estate in Roxborough, Tobago and aren’t blended with those from any other farms. What results is chocolate made only from the best Trinitario beans.

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