As summer approaches and schools and universities finish for the holidays, it’s important to thank those who have supported you throughout the academic year. Browse our range of subject-specific gift boxes, guaranteed to delight your (chocolate loving) teacher or tutor.


English: The Shakespeare Box

There’s no better way to say thank-you to your English teacher than paying homage to Shakespeare: chocolate Bar-d. Our specially selected gift box celebrates some of Shakespeare’s best-known and most-studied plays through chocolate.


Science: The Experiment Box

This box has been put together with science teachers in mind. It contains a selection of dark, milk, and white craft chocolate bars (from iconic makers: Omnom, Willie’s Cacao, Original Beans, and Fresco) which are sure to spark a positive reaction!


Geography: The Transport Box

This box maps out the historical movement of cocoa, beginning with the very first traces of theobromine in ancient Ecuador. It then travels across the globe to reach west Africa; The Ivory Coast and Ghana are currently the largest exporters of cocoa.


Maths: The Numbers Box

Thank your maths teacher with bars from Formula One Engineers (Duffy), Maths Professors (Luisa Abrams) plus bars with puzzling percentages (Akesson’s 101% Bahia Brazil Bar with 1% extra nibs), and fractal geometric designs (Chocolate Tree).


Art: The Paint Box

Gift your art teacher a bespoke craft chocolate gift box, full of beautifully designed chocolates. The bars in this box have been specially selected due to their artistic packaging and moulds, e.g. Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé’s incredibly intricate mould design.

Languages: The Polyglot Box

Environment: The Conservation Box

History: The Origins Box

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