Casa Cacao – Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador 100%

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This bars hosts a punchy acidity, with a taste a kin to freshly baked brownies. Gentle notes of wood and a bitter finish.


You may have seen renowned chef, restauranteur, and pastry maker Jordi Roca on his own episode of Netflix’s The Chef’s Table. A trailblazing culinary figure, he discovered the magic of cocoa on a visit to the Awajún native community in Peru. He saw their under-appreciated dedication to the craft of cocoa farming, and determined to make bars that – as with wine – resemble the people who create them. He partnered with chocolatier Damian Allsop, and together they have successfully launched a boutique hotel and café in their hometown of Girona.


The beans that were used to produce this bar originate from Hacienda Victoria, Ecuador. All the beans are cultivated, fermented and dried on a single farm of 460 hectatares. The beans are then selected by hand before being roasted, cracked, winnowed and conched.

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