Chocolat Madagascar – Dark Milk Chocolate 80%

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    Chocolat Madagascar is one of only two craft chocolate factories in Madagascar. Whilst Madagascar is well known for the quality and flavour of its cacao, the vast majority of its beans are exported and crafted into chocolate in Europe, the US and Asia. Chocolat Madagascar makes for both its domestic market and export, and has been winning awards galore for its bars.

    Working so closely with the local farmers, Chocolat Madagascar can – rightly so – pride itself on traceably sourcing its ingredients and supporting the farmers and people of Madagascar.

    And although Madagascar is known for its vanilla, Chocolat Madagascar refrains from using vanilla in its chocolate. Crafting chocolate without vanilla allows the chocolate to express the pure flavour of Madagascar’s fine flavour cacao.

    This single plantation dark milk chocolate has a flavour that is mellow and creamy, which makes this very high cocoa milk chocolate approachable. Find notes of raisin, citrus and banana that release evenly during the bars melt.

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    • Simon T.

      Simon T.

      August 9, 2019

      A very agreeable bar of milk chocolate, a bit like the Cadbury’s taste of old with a creamy texture and a subtle length to the flavour. There is no particular chocolate kick and I think, at the price, better bars are available.

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One of two major factories on the island of Madagascar, Robert produces chocolate that is widely available locally, but little known outside the island. Read more about Chocolat Madagascar

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