Conexion – Apovinces, Ecuador, Virgin Roast 100% with Cacao Nibs

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About Conexion:

Conexión Chocolate produce chocolate made exclusively from Ecuador’s emblematic fine of flavor “Arriba Nacional” Cacao Beans price worldwide. Their chocolate is discovered and manufactured in Ecuador, working with individual regions and crops to closely select the best cacao beans to capture the purity, aroma, and taste of each area.

The beans from this province are minimally processed and flash roasted (“Virgin roasted”) in order to bring out a unique flavor profile of woody, cocoa, dried fruit, floral, nutty, herb, and caramelized notes. APOVINCES is the co-op in Los Rios, and has been designated as Heirloom Cacao by HCP, for preserving the rare and old varieties of Arriba Nacional Cacao.

Tasting Notes:

This bar is earthy, vegetal and intense with high tannins. The cocoa nibs give a delectable crunch to the bar.

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Weight 50 g
Type of Chocolate

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Maker description

Conexion wants to connect the world of Ecuadorian cocoa farmers to yours. Read more about Conexion

Energy2720kJ / 650kcal
of which
- saturates35g

No allergens listed.

Organic cacao mass, organic cacao nibs