Luisa Abram – Cassipore, Brazil 70% Dark

By Luisa Abram


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With its creamy melt, expect a flavour profile that revels in aromatic liquorice and spices, with a tannic backdrop. There’s a sharp citrus note, and with its astringency becomes the perfect accompaniment to a bold red wine.


Luisa Abram is a chocolate maker that dedicates itself to sourcing micro-lot, wild cacao from the Amazon Rainforest. The chocolate is made small-scale in São Paulo, Brazil by the Abram-Banks family: Luisa, Andre, Mirian and Andrea. The family take a very hands-on approach to chocolate-making, controlling and overlooking every stage of the process, from the harvesting of the cacao to the finished bar and logistics. This explains why the chocolate tastes so good and so personal at the same time – quality is very important to Luisa Abram.


It took 4 years to transfer this cacao to Luisa’s factory in Brazil – initial contacts were not enough to convince the residents of the village Vila Velha to engage in the collection of wild cacao growing on the banks of the Cassipore River. It took Joao Dorismar, a former resident of Vila Velha, to return to the village and establish the beginnings of a cacao chain for samples to even be sent. As the quality of the fermented beans was terrible, the Abrams-Banks family were invited to travel to the village and train 13 families of cacao farmers according to their fermentation guidelines – since, the quality of the product has increased significantly, with Luisa buying a tonne of cacao from there last year.

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One of our newest makers, Luisa Abram comes all the way from Northeast Brazil. The maker focusses on dark chocolate only made with cacao from the Amazon rainforest. Named after the youngest daughter in the family, this family business has mastered the talent of making great chocolate. Read more about Luisa Abram

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