Oialla – Beniano, Bolivia, Dark 70% with Nibs

By Oialla


A creamy dark chocolate with cocoa nibs, featuring notes of citrus and lime.

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This 70% Oialla bar is a complex dark chocolate; the chocolate slowly melts in the mouth with a gentle butteryness, and the richness of the chocolate is balanced by notes of citrus and lime – and crispy cocoa nibs.


Oialla is the creation of chef and restaurateur Rasmus Bo Bojesen. After years heading up the kitchen teams in some of Copenhagen’s finest restaurants, Rasmus was inspired to start making bars by his wife’s lifelong love of chocolate. All Oialla’s chocolate bars are crafted from Bolivian ‘wild’ cacao beans, grown in the rainforests of the Beni province. Oialla works with local growers who harvest, dry and ferment the beans before shipping them to Denmark to be crafted into chocolate.


This bar is formed from wild cocoa beans growing within the green landscape of the Bolivian rainforest.

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Maker description

When Danish chef Rasmus Bo Bojesen visited Bolivia, he was so struck by the potential of its cacao that he determined to become a craft chocolate maker. Today, Oialla bars are crafted using beans from six Bolivian islets. Read more about Oialla

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