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    Ruket founders Alessandro and Marco have always loved food and been fascinated by traditional, artisanal production. Their discovery of craft chocolate happened almost by accident, when Marco wanted to use the best possible chocolate in his ice cream parlour, the pair started experimenting with cacao. The two quickly decided that this chocolate was much more than just an ingredient and that they wanted to share it with the world.

    Working with a select few origins, Marco and Alessandro are keen to spread the word and let people discover for themselves the art and flavours of bean-to-bar chocolate.

    This bar is the first white chocolate to be released by this ambitious Italian maker.  Crafted from criollo cocoa butter from Peru that is combined with cow’s milk and sugar to give it a rich, velvety texture and a subtle sweetness. The used butter is not deodorized, which means that you get a real sense of the flavour of the beans with every taste of this bar.   This is of vital importance to Ruket, as they believe very strongly that food should reflect on the natural flavours of the ingredients, rather than those of any additives or artificial flavourings.

    It takes time to make a bar that tastes this good, and the team at Ruket were happy to share with us some of the vital statistics behind the bar.  The cocoa butter, sugar and milk are stone ground for at least 72 hours, and before the chocolate is set into bars it is restect for a minimum of 60 days.

    When we tasted the bar, we couldn’t believe how much it reminded us of panacotta and creme caramel. It is sweet with a distinctive toasted note.

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    Weight 60 g
    Type of Chocolate


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    Lifestyle and Diet

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    Peanuts (traces), milk, nuts (traces)
    Cocoa butter 48%, skimmed milk powder without lactose 36%, cane sugar

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Maker description

Ruket is an Italian craft chocolate maker in Sant'Agostino. Read more about Ruket

Type of Chocolate

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