Stranger – Öko Caribe, Dominican Republic, Dark 100%

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Made of just one ingredient, this intense, bold 100% dark chocolate bar is for those who love the taste of chocolate in its purest form. This bar has notes of caramel, blue and red berries, and a vegetal finish.


Born from a true passion to transform the Ukrainian chocolate industry, Stranger Chocolate was founded in late 2016 by designers Ruslan and Tetyana. Their mission: for people to enjoy the unique flavours of cocoa beans from around the world, without the use of slave or child labour through the cultivating process. Although Stranger has already racked up two Silver Awards and two Bronze Awards in the International Chocolate Awards 2021-22, what really makes them stand out is their sheer strength and endurance – Ruslan and Tetyana are still making chocolate in Ukraine with the help of their children, Anya and Matvii, despite the war knocking on their front doorstep.


The beans for this bar are sourced from Öko Caribe, a prominent cocoa supplier in the Dominican Republic and one of the most popular in the world. The two owners, Adriano de Jesus Rodriguez and Gualberto Acebey Torrejon, maintain close relationships with their farmers, often giving out loans for family emergencies and community needs. They also educate their farmers about sustainable land management and environmental responsibility, and pay consistent premiums for the farmers’ award-winning cocoa.

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