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Founders of Chocolate Tree, Alastair and Friederike Gower, started their chocolate adventure in 2005 by touring music festivals and selling their chocolates from a hand built solar powered geodesic dome tent. However, working with organic couvertures wasn’t enough for them. Alastair and Friederike – being the adventurous types – decided to start making their own chocolate from bean to bar in 2012. This was a time when the craft chocolate movement was just getting started in the UK.

This Stone Ground chocolate is spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper and chilli; crafted in an authentic Mexican style. The cacao within is an ancient criollo hybrid of Tabasquenño.

Whilst most of the chocolate within our Library is ground and conched to create a smooth, even-melt and sometimes silky texture, this chocolate is quite the opposite. It revels in its traditional Mexican style.

The texture of this bar is gritty and the spice is ever so warming. The cinnamon adds a delicate sweetness.

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Edinburgh's cafe and shop turned chocolate maker has gone from strength to strength with its beautiful and delicious range of bean to bar products. Read more about Chocolate Tree

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