Naive – Theobroma Cacao Pulp 70% Dark

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What a bar! Domantas is renowned for his inventive creations, but he has really outdone himself with this one.

Cacao pulp is the sweet white mucilage that surrounds the seeds inside a cocoa pod. It’s the only part of the fruit that is pleasant to eat raw, and it provides the sugars necessary for the fermentation process. Here, Domantas has freeze-dried some pulp to give it a meringue-like texture and then enrobed it within a single-estate 70% dark chocolate.


Chocolate Naive was founded by Domantas Užpalis in 2011 with the belief that only the best ingredients in the world are capable of making great chocolate. Naive has close relationships with all of its suppliers, visiting each of them at least once a year. They must be committed to sustainable growing practices and strong environmental management, for which they are rewarded by payment at least 40% above the market price.


The beans in this bar are sourced from Vijay Jagassar’s 16-acre Jagassar Estate on the Caribbean island of Trinidad.

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One of only a handful of Eastern European chocolate makers, Lithuania's Naive produce a range of beautiful bars. Read more about Naive

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White cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, dried cacao pulp