Chocolat Madagascar – 100% Dark

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Chocolat Madagascar – 100% Dark

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One of two major factories on the island of Madagascar, Robert produces chocolate that is widely available locally, but little known outside the island. This is a great first 100% cocoa bar. Its high Cocoa Butter percentage and typical Madagascan fruitiness complement the intense cocoa kick, ensuring you are not overwhelmed. Fantastic for those who would love to try 100% but are scared to dip their toe in the water.

This bar achieved a Gold at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2017 and a Silver at the Academy of Chocolate Awards 2016.

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9 reviews for Chocolat Madagascar – 100% Dark

  1. Paul R.

    With a post Covid 50% taste remaining, this is marvelous on the tongue and reminds me how fortunate I am to have a good measure of taste left. A sweetness comes through that enhances the natural chocolate bitterness. I’m hard pushed to describe the fruit flavors other than to say “fruity”

  2. Louise E.

    Best 100% bar I have found. It does vary in flavour though. Some batches are less sweet/ more bitter, and slightly disappointing!

  3. Tzvi S.

    So good! Definitely among my favorite 100%-ers.

  4. Robert M.

    The best 100% cocoa product I’ve tasted (and I’ve tasted many), without doubt. Great taste, intensity and finish, and hard to stop once you start the bar ! And good value for money as well. Love it !

  5. livelight1love

    This is my favorite 100% chocolate bar so far. I love the sweetness that comes through. I can see why it won a Gold award.

  6. Leonard V.

    This was my first 100% experience and I always come back to it. It has a noticeable high butter content and you still get to taste the acidic flavours of Madagascar, though less pronounced than other bars from Madagascar. Roast and woody flavours seem to be more dominant, it’s the perfect first timer bar

  7. Julie M.

    I’m new to 100% chocolate and this was VERY easy to eat. As one of the other reviewers said, maybe too easy – by which I mean there is a risk of eating the entire bar 🙂 I got dark red and into black fruit notes – like a really juicy wine with just a hint of tannins. It was a bit like eating a fruit and nut chocolate bar without the nuts. Really delicious, I was disappointed it was out of stock when I went back to purchase more.

  8. Dina A.

    This is the least intense 100% I’ve had before as it’s doesn’t give that huge cocoa hit but it still has much flavour. The initial notes are of tropical fruits then of lime and finishing with the more red fruits you expect from a Madagascan bar. So quite fruity, and definitely making the bar lighter and sweeter than typical 100%s. Very smooth and delicious

  9. Martyna Z.

    Indeed, this is a very tame chocolate as for 100%. Maybe even too tame? The problem I found with it is that the taste is not really pronounced, so that 90% Zotter tastes much more powerful. Also, is starts pretty slowly, revealing its Madagascan fruitiness only at the end.

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One of two major factories on the island of Madagascar, Robert produces chocolate that is widely available locally, but little known outside the island. Read more about Chocolat Madagascar

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Cocoa mass, cocoa butter. dark chocolate: 100% (min) cocoa solids