Zotter – 80/20 Dark Style Milk Chocolate

By Zotter


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    This incredible bar is made from 80% cocoa and 20% milk – entirely without sugar. It’s a must-try for anyone curious to experience a high-percentage chocolate slightly softened by milky sweetness. The bar has a nutty profile with notes of nougat and cream.


    Josef Zotter is one of the long-established heroes of the craft chocolate movement. He has been producing chocolate since 1992, became famous for his wacky flavour combinations (scarlet runner bean and coriander pastry, anyone?), and was one of the earliest to produce 100% Organic and Fairtrade products. He has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of his growers around the world, engaging in numerous initiatives in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. He also runs an outstanding chocolate factory visitor experience – The Zotter Experience – that is a must-see for any chocolate-loving visitors to Austria.

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    • Zoe D.

      Zoe D.

      July 13, 2021

      10/10. Thin bar with a creamy melt. Smells like cocoa powder and yogurt. Flavour: chocolatey and creamy. When paired with coffee, you perceive more fruity notes, especially towards the end. Long aftertaste of tangy yogurt and cocoa powder. A bit drying on the mouth but the creaminess of the bar seemed to divert my attention from this fact. This is an excellent bar to pair with other chocolates, since it enhances the sweetness of other bars! Generally, fruity bars paired very well with this- my favourite was Taucherli Betulia B9 80%- it really enhanced the pineapple flavour of the B9. I would HIGHLY recommend this combo(especially with a coffee to counteract any astringency). I don't think this will be everyone's cup of tea but I would recommend trying it regardless, just to experience what a "no added sugar" bar can be like.

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    Peanuts (traces), soybeans (traces), milk, nuts (traces), sesame (traces)
    Cocoa mass, full cream milk powder, cocoa butter, vanilla powder

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Zotter is an Austrian bean to bar maker known for its experimental nature, wacky flavours and ethical approach to chocolate making. Read more about Zotter

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