• Jun 23

    Untangling Organic and Craft Chocolate

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  The Science of Chocolate

    During our Virtual Tastings one of the most common questions is “what about organic chocolate?” It’s a great question.  But answering it is complicated and confusing.  Here’s why Craft chocolate is all about bars that taste better, are better for you, and better for farmers and for the planet.  Organic farming, fruit, vegetables, meats and […]

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  • Jun 08

    Chocolate’s Dark History – and the importance of Transparent, Direct Trade

    By Cocoa Runners  ·  Site News, The World of Chocolate

    Craft Chocolate provides an amazing insight into flavour and is truly one of the most “affordable” luxuries to savour.  At the same time there is a darker history to chocolate’s affordability that shouldn’t be ignored, least of all in today’s troubling times.  By treating chocolate as a mere commodity and by buying chocolate snacks primarily off […]

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  • May 29

    Water and Chocolate

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The Science of Chocolate

    This weekend was meant to be about CocoaSwimmers.  CocoaRunners had planned to swim “Castle to Castle” with the wonderful Mike, Becca and Chocolarder team in Cornwall to raise money for the RNLI.  This sadly isn’t happening (next year!). Instead we are going to explore the links between chocolate and water.  There is a longer version of this […]

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  • Mar 24

    An Update from Cocoa Runners – March 2020

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  Site News

    First and foremost, we hope that you are all safe and well. Secondly we’d like to confirm that CocoaRunners remains open for business; we’re still shipping our monthly boxes and also bars, gifts, cooking chocolate (with recipes), easter gifts, and more. We brought forward many months’ worth of bars to prepare for this. And we’ve […]

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  • May 02

    Rant On Raw Chocolate

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The Science of Chocolate, The World of Chocolate

    We passionately believe that small batch, single estate craft chocolate tastes better, is better for you and is better for cocoa farmers and indeed the planet. It’s made with high quality, simple ingredients (often just cocoa beans and some sugar) and it’s a treat where a few squares are brilliantly satisfying. Artisan makers work directly […]

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  • Mar 29
    This Month's Box Category

    The March 2019 Collection

    By Harmony Marsh  ·  This Month's Box

    Welcome to our March Collection. The bars in this box reflect craft chocolate’s passion for new technology and ancient knowledge. SOLSTIC BUNDIBUGYO UGANDA Bean Origin: Uganda Cocoa Content: 70% First welcome a new addition, all the way from Utah. Solstice is another wonderful chocolate maker to emerge out of the American craft chocolate movement. Unlike […]

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  • Mar 27

    Disentangling Taste, Flavour, Texture and Mouthfeel (AKA DON’T CONFUSE BITTERNESS WITH ASTRINGENCY)

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The Science of Chocolate

    INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES We’ve written this post with two objectives. The first is to help clarify a bunch of terms and descriptions which loosely fall under the heading of “taste”. We hope that this clarification will deepen your enjoyment and ability to engage with craft chocolate by helping you articulate, and therefore identify, those sensations […]

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  • Mar 26

    What can craft chocolate learn from speciality coffee, craft beer and other craft movements?

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The World of Chocolate

    After a couple of years being based in Farringdon, we’ve moved our London office to Old Street. We are now even closer to Borough Market and Shoreditch – and the achingly “cool” environment where so many craft movements have incubated and blossomed. James Hoffman set up his Penny University for filter coffee here over a […]

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  • Mar 05
    Chocolate and wine tasting

    Craft Chocolate and Malbec Masterclass – Thursday 14th March | Gaucho Piccadilly

    By Harmony Marsh  ·  Tastings

    CLICK HERE BUY YOUR MASTERCLASS TICKETS Tickets are £35.00. Two sessions are available: 6:15pm – 7:30pm and 8:00pm – 9:15pm Location: Gaucho Piccadilly, 25 Swallow Street, London, W1B 4QR As part of Regent’s Street ‘Show in the Dark‘ an evening celebrating international arts and culture, we teamed up with Gaucho to host a craft chocolate […]

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  • Feb 20
    This Month's Box Category

    The February 2019 Collection

    By Harmony Marsh  ·  This Month's Box

    Welcome to our February Collection. We’ve chosen four bars which represent a mix of new and established makers in our Chocolate Library. NADALINA ECUADOR DARK MILK Bean Origin: Ecuador Cocoa Content: 55% First we want to introduce a new maker from Croatia, Nadalina. While we’ve met many bean-to-bar chocolate makers, Nadalina is the first to […]

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