• Feb 16

    Fjak: Honesty, Love, and Great Taste

    By James  ·  New Makers

    March is International Women’s Month, so for the next few weeks we are celebrating a few of our amazing female craft chocolate makers.  Of the 100+ makers we sell at Cocoa Runners, almost half of them were founded in part or wholly by women. If only this ratio was as high in other crafts and […]

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  • Jan 19

    Cutting down on sugar?

    By James  ·  The Science of Chocolate

    One easy way to eliminate sugar and still enjoy great chocolate is to try 100% bars. 100% bars contain nothing but cocoa beans. Through careful selection of beans, long grinds, heavy conches, and extra cocoa butter, our makers create amazingly flavourful 100% bars.  These 100% bars will always be a little astringent (they’ll make your […]

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  • Jan 11


    By James  ·  The World of Chocolate

    Sadly, the holiday season is well and truly over.  We are now into the first month of 2020, which is all about making, and trying to stick with, our new year resolutions. Cutting back. Eating healthier. Saving the planet. And Veganuary is an intriguing new twist on this. Agriculture counts for 15-20% of global CO2 […]

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  • Jan 06

    New Year, New Maker!

    By James  ·  New Makers

    First and foremost, we would like to wish you a wonderful new year! We hope that your 2020 shall be full of good times with family and friends. Secondly, we’d like to kick the year off by introducing you to our first craft chocolate maker from Singapore, Fossa Chocolate. Fossa Chocolate was founded by Yilina, […]

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  • May 02

    Rant On Raw Chocolate

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The Science of Chocolate, The World of Chocolate

    We passionately believe that small batch, single estate craft chocolate tastes better, is better for you and is better for cocoa farmers and indeed the planet. It’s made with high quality, simple ingredients (often just cocoa beans and some sugar) and it’s a treat where a few squares are brilliantly satisfying. Artisan makers work directly […]

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  • Mar 27

    Untangling Taste, Flavour, Texture and Mouthfeel (or, The difference between bitterness and astringency)

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The Science of Chocolate

    INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES We’ve written this post with two objectives. The first is to help clarify a bunch of terms and descriptions which loosely fall under the heading of “taste”. We hope that this clarification will deepen your enjoyment and ability to engage with craft chocolate by helping you articulate, and therefore identify, those sensations […]

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  • Mar 26

    What can craft chocolate learn from speciality coffee, craft beer and other craft movements?

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  The World of Chocolate

    After a couple of years being based in Farringdon, we’ve moved our London office to Old Street. We are now even closer to Borough Market and Shoreditch – and the achingly “cool” environment where so many craft movements have incubated and blossomed. James Hoffman set up his Penny University for filter coffee here over a […]

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  • Feb 11
    Cocoa Runners

    Craft Chocolate Predictions For 2019 And A Review Of Those Made For 2018

    By Spencer Hyman  ·  Site News

    Last year we decided to stick our neck out and make a few predictions on what might happen in the world of Craft Chocolate, you can view the original post here. So now it’s the end of January 2019, we’ve decided to review the accuracy of our 2018 predictions – and make some new ones […]

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  • Feb 02

    Creating the Ultimate Drinking Chocolate

    By Elizabeth  ·  New Products, Recipes

    The weather here in London has taken a decidedly frosty turn, and we find ourselves reaching for a warming mug of hot chocolate. And for those of you in the US, our thoughts are with you as you face the “Polar Vortex”. As part of our mission to continually seek out the finest craft chocolate […]

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  • Jan 05

    Welcome, Solstice!

    By Elizabeth  ·  New Makers, New Products

    We hope you all had a great start to the year, and we are excited to kick off 2019 by introducing a new maker, Solstice Chocolate. Solstice Chocolate is an American chocolate maker settled amongst the scenic vistas of Salt Lake City, Utah. Often dubbed the craft-chocolate-capital of the United States, Utah’s boom in makers […]

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